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1st Quarter  (October – November)

1.     Enhanced Capacity of families and communities to support OVC

1.1   Improved Caregivers parenting and family communication skills

  • Implementation of parenting program (5-8 years)

  • Provide Rethabile team parenting program to caring fathers

  Parenting Program (5-8 Years)

Rethabile Teen Parenting Program   (Caring Fathers)


2nd Quarter  (October – November)

1.2   Improved household socio-economic stability

  • Conduct food preservation sessions for OVC caregivers

  • On site financial education to OVC and AGYW who attend savings groups 


Food Preservation

Financial Education


2nd & 3rd Quarter (October – November)

1.3   Improved school attendance progression and completion

  • Public gathering to sensitize parents and local leaders about children’s 

         rights to education. (Education Act of 2010)                   

  • Bi-Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly visits to monitor and track  attendance, retention and performance of 3000 learners.


Public Gathering

Attendance Tracking


3rd Quarter (October – November)

1.4   Children under 5 reaching development milestones

  • Child stimulation sessions

  • CCFLS Sessions under 5’s Caregivers


Child Stimulation Sessions

CCFLS Sessions


3rd Quarter (October – November)

2.  Increase uptake of health, HIV Prevention, care and treatment service  amount OVC and  AGYW and families.

2.1   Increase access to end utilization of Adolescent Friendly HIV and other   health services for in-school and out of school.

  • Refresher Training for youth Mentors on IPC and use of DREAMS Toolkit

  • Child and Caregivers Service Days

  • Home visits for OVC and AGYW Who have mental problems.


Refreshers Training

Service Days

OVC & AGYW with Mental                      health Problems